Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Container Garden Courtyard

Our Garden! Gerard and I love to garden and this is a little peek at what we've done in the backyard, planting only in pots. We love a free flowing style, like a cottage garden, but anything goes. If it looks gorgeous, smells delicious, or attracts the hummingbirds it has a place in our garden.Sweet Autumn Clematis buds getting ready to bloom like crazy.Closer is the Passion Flower vine and on the top is the Sweet Autumn Clematis.On the trellis we trained a pink climbing rose, a Passion Flower vine, Jasmine, and Sweet Autumn Clematis. The Clematis has really gone crazy and is covering nearly the entire thing as well as the Passion Flower vine.Under the red tree rose is a dark Sweet Potato Vine, and a Salvia next to it that the hummingbirds love. Next to the tree rose on the trellis is the pink climbing rose.Mixture of different annuals and perennials in pots. They have really taken off and grown together, blending beautifully.
"Heavenly Blue" Morning Glory"Blue Star" Morning Glory

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LostRoses said...

Wow, your Sweet Autumn clematis is fabulous. Hope you get tons of blooms. I see mine is just about to open too, I'm looking forward to that. Your garden looks amazing!