Tuesday, August 29, 2006

It's Blooming!

Our Sweet Autumn Clematis is now blooming! I got up this morning and looked out the window and sure enough it was blooming nicely! I grabbed the camera and went outside to take some photos. It's a nice sunny day but step outside and the humidity clings to you...icky! I guess I will be enjoying my garden view from my window inside the air-conditioned house! Which is what I usually have to do since I am in the hot humid south!


LostRoses said...

Wow, what a bounty of blossoms! I love those little star-shaped blooms and their abundance. Looks great!

Susan said...

I love the garden you can see! I know it takes humidity to have this, though, so I will stick with the cactus, which also have lovely blooms, and the wildflowers which come when it rains. =) Lots of CQ inspiration in your posts today, though!

Melissa said...

Acually we lived in the desert before we moved here and had a great garden as well. We are only one zone cooler than the desert so a lot of the plants we use are the same. I feel the humidity just add problems like fungis and more bugs! I miss the desert...we are probably going to retire to Barstow!