Thursday, August 24, 2006

My Lovely Friend Wendy

My lovely friend Wendy, with her youngest baby, Rebekah. This is an old photo and Becca is now 2 years old! Wendy just e-mailed me after looking at my blog and told me that she has a funny little habit of kissing her roses or flowers when she smells them. I did not know this about her, and I think it is very cute! Well she told me that Becca has picked it up too but doesn't understand the smelling part so she just kisses flowers. As she was looking at my blog Becca kept kissing the flowers on the screen! Isn't that sooooo cute! And the best compliment in the world! So the pretty red rose at the top of this post is just for Becca!


LostRoses said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I just visited yours and it's great! I love the bit about the toddler kissing the rose. The 1-1/2 yr. old next door kisses my Canada Goose decoys! Children...they're so sweet and funny.

Melissa said...

Thanks for your comments as well! My Hubby really thought that was hilarious that the children next door to you kiss your Goose decoys!