Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Sweet Autumn Clematis

Just went outside again this evening and spotted the first few blooms! Yeay! I've never seen the plant in bloom yet and I've been waiting since last winter. I'm excited to see all the blooms open and waifting their scent. It's supposed to have a yummy vanilla fragrance. I hope the blooms will be at their peak for our Anniversary picture on the 4th of September. We have a tradition to take a picture on our anniversary every year and it's usually in our garden. I LOVE last years picture. In fact I put it in Adobe Photoshop and made it into a watercolor painting and then ordered a large size from and have it framed in our foyer. I'll have to post it later for you all to see, it's very romantic!


Judy K said...

Hi Melissa,
I'm Judy K from the sre group and just checked your site. I'm a Christian too and it's wonderful to see you think that's important to list first on your "about me". I too have an autumn clematis but it's still in the pot waiting to be planted. We're getting a picket fence next to our new garage and I have lots of stuff that needs to go in the ground. We had an autumn clematis at our first house and they smell wonderful! I noticed today that mine has buds on it too. Yea! Take care...Judy

Melissa said...

Thank you Judy! I believe in putting God first in my life so it only fit to mention Him in my life first! Oh we have plants waiting to be planted too either in a pot or in the ground.