Thursday, August 24, 2006

My Dear Friend Christina

My dear friend Christina is an officer in the Army. Right now she is in Iraq, and going through some tough situations with those she works with. I would ask that all who read this would pray for her! That God would keep His hand on her and lead and guide her. And that He would place her in a better work environment if need be. She is just starting her 1 year deployment so she has a long tough road ahead.
Christina and I have been friends since the 8th grade. We share a love for the Lord. Both of us enjoy roses, tea, and fine china! And it is a ton of fun when we are able to visit together and have Tea! She is the one who got me started collecting tea cups and using them all the time. I think she gets out her teapot and china on a daily basis! I love that about her! I tend to get out the teapot and china less often, mostly because I don't like having to hand wash the teapot everytime! *giggle* But I don't want to be a case of the "display only" teaware! I know it's hard for her not to be able to have a tea time in Iraq, it's something she really loves to do and is very relaxing for her.

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