Saturday, November 11, 2006

White on White CQ Block

Last night I worked on my block for the Encrusted CQ class. I added more vines and also straight stitches over the braid. I also added a fuzzy yarn laced in the lace, and I added a tiny bit of satin stitching to to top left lace. I'm thinking of adding some sort of flower to the middle of the holes. I'm not sure but I'm thinking a beaded flower or pretty beads, but we are not to the beading lesson yet so I'm still holding out! Watch out because when beadin' time comes they are gonna be all over this block!


Charlene said...

Hope you have a grand visit. You know, your block is so pretty - who would ever have thought you are a beginner... You have a fantastic 'eye' for this!

Echo said...

... and I got to finally see and touch it all!! it was awesome! p.s. I believe I have some fabric you like in my posession :)

Nina In Norway said...

Beautiful work!