Thursday, November 30, 2006

In The Garden RR: Lillian's block and Lace Painting

Last night I worked on Lillian's block. I'm creating a nice vining motif and I also painted some lace. I had a hard time with the lace painting since I've only hand dyed ribbon and have never done the painting style. At first I didn't even use a brush but then I went and looked up a tutorial and went back and tried again. I still didn't like the results so I went to try and subdue it with an over dye of antique gold but that just took out the dye that was there, which was a good thing since I didn't like it anyway! LOL So I got to start over with it and paint very carefully so that the dye wouldn't run and this is the final results. I like it now. All my attempts took me hours though! LOL Here is a list of tips I had to learn the hard way!

Tips for first time lace painters:
  1. Use a brush (with a nice fine tip)
  2. Less is more, you can always go back and touch up if it's too little. Too much dye will start to seep and run into other areas.
  3. It's better if your lace isn't sopping wet, squeeze it out between a towel so that it's just damp.
  4. Dainty little taps work well to control where your dye is going, tap more in the middle when the brush is fully loaded.


Charlene said...

It's very pretty, but just don't think I have the patience for that tedious work. Bet Lil's glad you do!

Lillian said...

Oh Melissa,

It is truly beautiful. I love it when people step out of the box and create motifs and embroidery that doesnt follow the pattern of the seam lines. ESPECIALLY big ones!

I can't wait to see it in person.