Thursday, November 02, 2006

Another seam treatment

Last night I worked on this block. I originally wanted this seam to have curving chain stitching, I even used a scrapbook template, but I used an air-erasable pen and the line kept fading too soon on me! I kept having to do the frog stitch (rip it, rip it) and even then it came out crooked! Then I tried whipping it with a fuzzy silk chenille, that was nice but it was still crooked and then it looked more straight instead of nice and curvy! So I ripped it all out, remarked for a Chevron stitch and did that instead. It's not absolutely even but at least it's livable and I like it! So now I need to figure out some more stitches to add to this Chevron stitch. Humm...looking at it here maybe I can do a scalloping chain stitch hopping from one Chevron to the next. I might do another row of chevrons on the other side of the seam too.

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