Monday, June 23, 2008

Getting Started in Silk Ribbon Embroidery Video Tutorials

This first video shows how to iron silk ribbon to prepare it for embroidering.

This video shows how to securely thread the needle in silk ribbon embroidery.

In this video I show how to do the typical soft knot commonly used in silk ribbon embroidery, I do not care to use it but some embroiderers do. If I use a knot I use a quilters knot which I also show in this video. I am not suggesting that any of these methods is the only way to secure your work and most silk ribbon embroiderers do not use either knot but instead pierce the tails or come back with another needle and thread and secure the tails, both of which give a more smooth result to your work. Please use the method that you prefer for the result you wish to achieve.
Happy Stitching!
You can also see these videos on YouTube:
How to Iron Silk Ribbon
How to Thread the Needle
Soft Knot, Quilters Knot, or No Knot


TattingChic said...

This is very nice, thanks Melissa.

ANGIE said...

Wow.. its amazing!! With your clear tutorial, I can understand it very well and I'm going to try it.. Many many thanks!
Angie fm Malaysia

Melissa said...

Angie, I'm so glad it's nice and clear for you!

Anonymous said...

Melissa, so nice of you to share your knowledge. your work is always gorgeous! I have a request--please do a clear step by step video on how to do the melanie rose. I just can"t seem to do that one. Debbie (Maine)

Melissa said...

Debbie I am not sure if I can do one on the Melanie rose. I've been having trouble creating it myself lately and if I'm having trouble how can I teach it well? If I get a good handle on it you can bet I'll share what I learn!

Anonymous said...

Melissa... this is so nice of you ! Thanks a lot for taking the time to make these videos and sharing them with the world !
And thanks for not omitting a thing, even the ironing of the ribbon that it seems so daunting ... at least for me !!!

Melissa said...

You are so sweet thanks for stopping by and commenting! I hope that ironing the ribbon is no longer daunting and that the video helps show how simple it really is.

Bazmah said...

hi melissa,

i think you are doing a great job by actually teaching all the steps with the help of our beloved 'youtube'

i am a beginner and i was practising the knots.I tried them on cotton fabric but it makes such big hole.I dont understand why.Please help

Melissa said...

Hi Bazmah,
I'm glad you are learning and finding my vids helpful! About your question, I cannot say what is going on since I can't see what you are doing could it possibly be your needle is too large?