Saturday, June 21, 2008

Spring Challenge Block Framed!

Well my Spring Challenge Block is finally framed and hung on the wall!!!!!!!!
These photos aren't the best, but it is so hard to photo with the glass reflecting everything! So the photos are taken at an angle. If you want to see the matting or the block itself and all the progress and work I put into it you can Click Here to see the whole history of the block!
I'm so thrilled to have it displayed now! It just sparkles!


Cheryl said...


TattingChic said...

It looks lovely framed. What a nice addition to your decor....not that I really know what your home decor looks like, but the little snippits I've seen this seems to go very well. It would dress up any home, really. SO pretty!

Melissa said...

LOL TattingChic is that a hint? LOL I usually let bits of what my house looks like through photos you can see more through the post of Steph and Amanda are CQing! LOL

blackbearcabin said...

what beautiful work...and i love the way you have it framed! i enjoy your site very much...thank you for all of your helpful tips!