Friday, June 27, 2008

Harvest Challenge: Pieced Block

Here is my pieced block for the challenge! 22 pieces of fabric in a 15 inch block!!! You can click on the photos to see them closer. I used the center rose print as my inspiration for the block and added some green gold and pink fabrics from my stash. In the lower right is a vintage hankie with a crochet trim.
In this photo I put a quarter on the block so you can kind of see the scale of the block it is HUGE for me! I usually only go a max of 10 inches for a block.
In this photo I numbered the challenge fabrics, the requirement was to use at least 6 of the fabrics. I also had to use the Trim that was I wouldn't choose this trim especially for the look I'm going for in this block but I had to use a piece of it and felt that the place I put it would be the best place for it. The challenge will be making it work in this block.
Now I'm ready to start embellishment. I'm going to be trying to use a balance of my tried and true techniques and also new ones I've not tried before. My inspiration for this block is my garden, since we live in a mild climate the normal "harvest" season for us is actually the time our garden is the most lush and full with all the vines everywhere at their peak and the roses giving a final glorious push before winter. We don't get a normal "Fall" and kinda just go from late Summer to Winter! We love that, so that is what I'll be doing on this block, creating a full blast at it's peak garden.


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

I love the way you put this block together... it looks like roses within a rose!

I was thinking of you yesterday as I was working on my pillow. I really wish I had started on it sooner so that I could use some of your work as an example. I am totally dissatisfied with my end result, but that gives me inspiration to try something different. I do have time to make a new one before the wedding, so maybe I'll give it a go... unless I get distracted! ; )

Melissa said...

Oh Thank you Diane! I like that, a rose within a rose!!! That is how I feel about that piecing that it's like a rose!
I hope your pillow works out! I thought the first one was pretty too, as well as the other gifts you made!

TattingChic said...

That is gorgeous! Wow, with that quarter there you can really see how huge it is. I love how you use hankies with trim on in your blocks. I can't wait to see all the embellishment you put on it.

susanm said...

once again you inspire me to do try my hand at CQ.