Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mail Call!!! Sweet Surprises!

I had asked TattingChic for some pattern help on a pattern that was in a foreign language and she printed out the photo and highlighted the 2 shuttles for me making it really clear for me! Thank you so much for doing that TattingChic! You can click on the photo to see it larger and read the instructions for This Pattern. THEN she also added in some tatting bits she had thinking that it was no big deal and I might be able to use them in my crazy quilting!!! No big deal?!? HA! I LOVE to get tatting bits!!! I always cherish them and save them as precious little treasures to use in my CQ! Thank you TattingChic I love them and I'll think of you whenever I use them!
Also I've gotten an Etsy order from My 1st Bambina's Esty Shop, I ordered some vintage patterns from her! My very first vintage patterns!!!!!! Love them!!! I even love the little apron I'll embroider that and I want to try wearing first apron too! LOL The fabric seems like it needs to be washed first but I'm wondering if I do that will the stamped pattern come off?
ALSO she added in a little giftie that was such an unexpected surprise and so sweet it brought tears to my eyes! She gave me some little sew-ons and two "tea" themed specialty cards to use and I love them! Thank you My 1st Bambina!!!


TattingChic said...

Oh, good I'm glad you like the tatting bits. They were just sitting in one of my craft boxes doing nothing and being underappreciated so I'm so glad they now have a loving appreciative home....careful what you say! You might get more!
What cute vintage embroidery patterns! I remember looking through my Mother's old embroidery patterns and dreaming away of all the cute things I wanted to embroider. I look forward to what you do with the tatting pattern, the tatting bits and the embroidery patterns!

Melissa said...

OH OH OH Did you say more??? I will always take know how deprived I am of stash I always always always need more!!!!!!! LOL Seriously though I can always use more so if you have more to send me I will take them off your hands! I'm already seeing spots to use the ones you sent me and I keep thinking no I want to save that one for extra special project!!! LOL I know some of these are going on my Cream Bedspread!

TattingChic said...

Cream bedspread???? Did I just see CREAM bedspread? What little secret have you been hiding? Is this some lovely CQ masterpiece you have been working on in secret that will be the CQ bedspread masterpiece of the century? What is this??? I demand more information! I must see!!!! LOL
:) Yes? You give TattingChic a little looksie?

Melissa said...

Oh yes it's a slow work in progress you can see all the posts for it under the Lable CQ Bedspread here is a link to it:

Anonymous said...

Beautiful tatted pieces !
I'm so glad you liked the vintage patterns and the apron :-). I know you are going to create beautiful stitching with these !