Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Princess Block: Yum

I added some drop beads with pink seed beads at the tips as ice cream drips and stem stitched in the word "yum" that I drew on the fabric with a fade away quilters pen. I used pink sewing thread to stitch in "yum" and the camera just doesn't pick it up right so it's hard to see in the photos but really it is visible on the block.


TattingChic said...

That looks adorable. Love the YUM...Love the drips. So cute and yummy looking. Makes me want to go get an ice cream cone RIGHT NOW!!!

Melissa said...

Oh I know huh!!! LOL Ya know what I do for a nice healthy strawberry treat I get frozen strawberries and sweetener plain low fat yogurt and low fat milk blend it all up and YUMMY YUMMY LOL Had that for breakfast today! LOL You can do it with just Strawberries and milk too with sweetener, nice and thick! I bet you want to make some now huh! LOL

Lil said...

Yum! No pun intended. I do the same thing with strawberries or frozen mixed berries if that is all I have. Delish. Love your stitching!