Friday, April 06, 2007

Baby Nathan

My nephew baby Nathan is wearing one of the onesies I embroidered for him!!!!!!!!!!! Isn't he SO CUTE!?!
I just had to share this photo! He's flexing and everything!


Elizabeth said...

Baby Nathan is so cute! And I think his aunt embroidered a very cute onesie for him, too.

willo said...

super adorable!

curious if you were worried if the backing would hurt or chafe his skin with the thread rubbing? or did you iron a patch over it?

or maybe it's fine as is, and I think babies skin is more sensitive than it really is? :) just curious to hear your thoughts.

seriously though - this design is absolutely amazing!


Melissa said...

Yes I was worried if the knots and such would rub and irritate his skin so what I did was iron on a piece of iron on interfacing over the top of the stitched area. But I too wonder if it's not necessary and if I'm being over worried about baby's skin sensitivity too. I've never had kids of my own so I really wouldn't know other than what people tell me.

willo said...

Hi Melissa, thank you for your reply!

I've been asking a few people about this & getting varied responses. Apparently has an iron'd on piece of cloth on the back of hers that she says stays on during washes.

I'm currently about to embroider some onesies myself, so I'll let you know how it goes!

Thanks again

Melissa said...

Great Willo,
I look forward to seeing how your turn out too!