Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter Jacket Finished

Here's my finished jacket! I'm pretty happy with it. It doesn't photograph very well. I'll try and take a photo tomorrow when I'm wearing it.
What I did was stem stitched with 1 strand DMC floss some vines and added 4mm ribbon in the ribbon stitch leaves, and to that I added little red seed beads that matched the roses.
The flowers I made spider web roses in burgundy red 4mm silk ribbon with a pink Swarovski crystal in the center. Then I added forget-me-nots in blue and cream colonial knots, and light pink sweetheart roses and colonial knots. Also on the upper area of the collar I added a pink sweetheart rose with 3 ribbon stitch leaves to each side. I'm considering adding a similar tiny motif to the edge of the sleeves.


Charlene said...

Beautiful work, Melissa. I know you're glad it's finished for tomorrow.

Handsome nephew, by the way!

Candi Harris said...

Very Very Very pretty:)

Anonymous said...

Really beautiful and I really think it's special for Easter. I see a cross in the shape of the vines! Really smartly done. Have a blessed Easter!