Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Needle Tatting: Lots of tatting

Motif's 10, 11, 12, and 13 of the 25 Motif Challenge

I made these dragonfly earrings for my SIL, Echo, since she loved them so much. I had to stiffen them quite a bit to get the wings not to flop. I just put a picot at the tip of the head and added an extra stitch to the head as well and then just attached the earring to the picot. I'm just counting the pair as 1 motif.
This is the Cecelia Doily by Cherie Wheeler I saw a lady doing it at the 25 Motif Challenge blog and thought it would be a good pattern to try with a thicker thread and bigger needle. So this is a thin yarn and the size 3 tatting needle. It's big and reminds me of a granny square in crochet...I think it would make a nice blanket or scarf or rectangular shall. I haven't finished off the ends or blocked it yet either.
I also finally finished this pink pendant with a pink Swarovski crystal at the tip. The pattern is the SweetHeart by Birgit Phelps. I still need to block and stiffen it.
Then since I have a military formal coming up that I'm wearing a white formal to, I created another clover leaf heart pendant with 4mm bicone Swarovski crystals in the outer picot's (37) and also in the joins (12). I added a large 8mm bicone Swarovski crystal to the center of the clover by stitching it on. I still need to block it and stiffen it.


Echo said...


I got them today :) I hadn't checked your blog at all today - lol - total surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!

They're fantastic! *hugs*

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Oh those ear rings are beautiful!!! You've got some awsome talent here woman. Do you plan to do like local town fairs and stuff cos you should. I know a friend of mine wants us to do something like that with our cards and journals we make. But right now I'm looking into starting up beading again.


Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa I love your challenge block!!!Are you going to put one of your SRE arrangements on it? Can you tell me were you found the beads on the dragonfly and the rose button at? Hugs Debby

Melissa said...

The dagger beads I used on the dragonfly I bought at Micheal's, I can't remember the brand but it probably doesn't matter, I know they are Czech glass beads though. I think I've also seen them at WalMart.
Hope that helps!

Thelma said...

Wow Melissa! It is so hard to believe you just learned to tat. Awesome work!!!

tatknot said...

Melissa, your tatting is beautiful. I love the way you are turning some of these pieces into pendants. Great idea!