Thursday, April 19, 2007

Summer Breeze DYB RR: My Blocks

Here are my six 6 inch blocks all ready to send off for the Summer Breeze DYB RR (Do Your Block Round Robin) over at CQI that I signed up for.
I originally thought that I was going to do a white on white theme but when picking fabrics I saw a print fabric I had bought and loved the rose print on it so I cut six 5 sided centers from the roses print. Each one is the exact same print but cut at a different angle so it looks like 6 different prints! Then I added a gold and light green fabric into the mix of white on whites and I'm really loving the results. I feel like it has a nice dainty, elegant, romantic feel to them.
Piecing these blocks took a lot of work! I always forget how much work it is to do the piecing part of crazy quilting, usually I'm doing the embellishments which is always a ton of fun.
Knowing how much work it takes gives you a higher respect for all CQer's everywhere!
I recently read a post about RR's by Debbie of Needle Lil More Time To Sew and I totally agree with her about always doing your best work. I always do my best hoping that the other ladies in the RR will do their bests too. I also agree that it's not perfection or skill but simply doing your best and putting your heart into it. I'd rather a block come home empty than with half-hearted stuff slapped on it, it's only respectful to the the hard work of the CQer who pieced the block.


Jo in NZ said...

Very nice blocks Melissa. Reminicient of Emikos blocks in the Tradewinds DYB. Are we still going with prodominantly white stitching on them, with the other colours as highlights?

Melissa said...

I'm thinking any colors that are in the block and shades of those colors would look great on them!