Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Summer Breeze DYB RR: Leslie's Blocks

I got Leslie's blocks in the mail today for the Do Your Block RR that I'm in. Here is the 6 inch block I picked out, of course the one with the pretty rose in the center! LOL
Today I held embellishment tryouts! LOL That's where I ponder the block and go through my stash and pull out different items that I think might work, the things I like stay out and the things I don't get put back. Sometimes I pull things out to consider using but I may or may not use them after all. I'll usually do several embellishment tryouts as the block progresses too.
A few things I'm planning are a button bead trail in the lower right I already pulled some buttons I think work well. Also to the left I'm planning on tatting up a 10 clover edging just for this block in size 20 ecru thread which I may add some green dye to. I'll probably fiddle with a sample to see if it would look nice, but over-dyed or not I'll embellish the tatting with some silk ribbon embroidery and beads. Then in the upper left I plan on doing a silk ribbon embroidery motif, some sort of bouquet I pulled some ribbon colors that I think would work, but I still want to go through more ribbon and see what else I have. On the upper right I like that dragonfly motif which would get dyed and I'm thinking of a seam treatment that would go well there maybe a herringbone stitch.
I want to go for a dragonfly and roses theme with this block. So I'm going to see how many dragonflies I can tuck in and how many roses I can scatter!
As I was looking at the photo in this post I got inspired for an SRE design for that upper left corner, here is what I doodled. I don't always doodle out my design ideas, but it is nice to try and see what the design idea would look like. Sometimes I doodle on the fabric with the pen that fades (after I've tested the fabric to be sure it does fade away, of coarse!) and then stitch in what I like and re-doodle as I create the motif.
In case you were wondering the warbled circles are spiderweb roses, the stars are sweetheart roses and the oval-ish with the point is a ribbon stitch. Then all the leaves would be ribbon stitch too.

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