Sunday, June 03, 2007


Motif # 21 of the 25 Motif Challenge
I made this circular clover motif out of a clover edging I've been working on. I made it in ecru size 20 DMC Cebelia thread. The edging is really fun to tat and I think it's really pretty. I got the pattern of the back of a DMC shuttle packaging.
On this motif I tried to do the folded join found here in order to avoid having a twisted picot but everything I tried didn't work! I had such a time of it, once I got it but then the ring was around the motif so it couldn't close right. Then when I thought I finally had gotten ended up being twisted. Since I had unpicked it several times I figured it didn't matter too much and just left it. I still want to learn how to do the folded join so if any of you experienced tatters out there could maybe whip up a home video or offer any other help that would be much appreciated! All the drawing instructions out there just don't make any sense to me.

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