Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Summer Breeze DYB RR: My work on Leslie's block

Here's how the block is coming along so far! I stitched down the tatting and vine embellishments and I finished the floral motif. I love how the tatted fern looks so delicate, and I added some glass leaf beads. I still need to stitch down the little dragonfly beads and I'm considering adding beads to the center of the large roses too.
Then I needed a seam treatment to go under the lace dragonfly and I finally decided on the Herringbone stitch with lazy daisies at the tips in a lighter green.

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Jane said...

Melissa, Your work is lovely!! I really enjoyed looking at your blog, both past & present. Your little dogs are adorable and I am sure they keep you company while you stitch.