Saturday, June 23, 2007

Summer Breeze DYB RR: My Work On Leslie's Block

Here is some progress on the block! I've been doing ground work, by tatting the clover and the fern fronds, also dying the clover tatting and the lace dragonfly motif. I dyed both variegated green and gold. I think they turned out nicely! The fern fronds I mostly tatted using the spool of variegated thread as a shuttle. It's really tiny thread and it's the smallest I've tatted with, at first I couldn't close the rings but I quickly figured out that I was tatting too tightly for small thread. I have to tat very gently with this thread.
SO the clovers and the fern makes motifs # 2 and3 of the 25 Motif Challenge!
As you can see the silk ribbon embroidery motif is turning out a little differently than I originally doodled! I changed the vines to tatted fern, and left out the sweetheart rose from the middle of the large roses, the reason being the roses were too large and the sweetheart rose didn't look quite right this time. I will be adding filler sweetheart roses still. For the spiderweb-ribbon stitch combo rose I used 4mm ribbon for the spiderweb rose and 7mm for the ribbon stitch petals. I didn't have the shade of ribbon I needed so I took some rose colored ribbon that was almost right and over-dyed it with brown to simulate tea dying and it turned out the perfect shade!
Here's the clover edging I tatted! I used size 20 ecru DMC Cebelia and dyed it with green and gold. I love how the color is soft and it has nicely blended variegation.
Here's the little dragonfly I dyed using the same colors as the clover but I let it blend together more so it's more a goldish-green. I'm thinking of filling in his wings with beads but not sure yet. I'll see how the block progresses before deciding.

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