Saturday, June 30, 2007

Vintage Finds!!!

Today I got to go to one of my favorite antique shops and I found a jack pot of vintage lace for crazy quilting!!! Everything needs to be washed and I'm going to get some of the stuff you use for cleaning delicate and vintage textiles.
I just had to have these vintage hankies with tatting on them! They were priced just right to snatch right up! Also look at the doily too!
I just loved this vintage butterfly pin, it's a little dirty but I can clean it easily. Also I grabbed the pretty vintage buttons you see to the left, they were only 25 cents, I loved the texture of them.
I really loved the vintage ruffles they look like pieces of a collar it has stains but I think it adds appeal.
Here are some of the other bits and pieces that were in a baggie.
Lastly check out these vintage net lace gloves!!! I just love them the gloves are fingerless except for the thumb, I tried one on to make sure it fits and it does!!! They are so delicate and I'm planning on wearing them to our next formal!

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Pat Winter said...

Oh how fun!!! I love to see vintage finds going to those who appreciate them and give them new life. Thanks for sharing your glorious treasures with us.I know you will put them to good use.