Sunday, July 01, 2007

Summer Breeze DYB RR: My work on Leslie's block

I'm almost finished with this block, I think it's coming along nicely! As I said in the last post something was bothering me about the empty space around the print so I printed out a photo of the block and got the idea to doodle "garden" to see how it would look. I loved the way it helped add some interest so I stitched it on the block, and I added some lazy daisy leaves and a pink colonial knot around it to kind of frame "garden".
I also added in the button-bead trail. I used an earring finding that is a porcelain rose I had taken apart for CQ stash since I never wear earrings anymore they bother my ears. It looks great and adds another rose to find on the block.
Then I felt the fabric that had the dragonfly on it was weak and needed something to bring it out more. So I started adding straight stitches along the inner area of the wing in long and short stitching but leaving space between stitches using a fine gold metallic Kreinik thread. So far I only have 1 wing filled in, I think it adds a nice delicate shimmer.

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