Friday, July 13, 2007

Summer Breeze DYB RR Jo's blocks: Getting started

Well I got started on Jo's blocks for the vine I couched down a green cord for the main stem along the curve then I added the gold metal flowers with pearls in the center, then started adding ribbon stitch leaves using the new edge dyed silk ribbon I got from Evening Star Designs. I like how the color of the ribbon has a gold tone in the center! Then I realized I needed branches vining off the main vine! LOL So I stem stitched some in using green Kreinik flat silk. Then added more ribbon stitch leaves and another gold/pearl flower!
I like the little gold butterfly there too, but haven't stitched it down yet. I did stitch on the cameo and I changed my plans for it a little since Jo mentioned she would like some of my SRE on her block. I'm now thinking of putting sweetheart roses around it with pearls interspersed.
Oh and the seam treatment I have so far is one strand DMC floss in a cream color in the herringbone stitch with gold silk chenille french knots at the points. I feel the seam still needs something in the open spots but I haven't figured out what yet.


Anonymous said...

Hola Melissa,
I loved your blog. Thanks for the sites you recomended. It helped me a lot.Almost a year ago I found this site but later I forgot its name and I was trying to remember where I had found some designs for my embroidery.Finally after a long search I checked your blog and find out what I was looking for. It was wonderfull to have your recomendations. Sorry for any mistake in my english.
I am writing from Venezuela.Thanks again.

Melissa said...

I am so glad that I have helped you! Thank you so much for commenting and letting me know!

Linda said...

This is simply elegant!!

Jo in NZ said...

It is looking just beautiful Melissa. Thank you.