Monday, July 30, 2007

Tatted Shirt Edging

Recently I tried out an easy 1 shuttle "hen & chicks" tatting pattern and I really enjoy it. I've also been dreaming of tatted edgings on my clothes! Yesterday I had the idea to tat up the pattern in my new fine DMC Cordonnet Special in Ecru size 70 for my shirt I was wearing. It only took 3 repeats for the front of the collar, and that doesn't take too long, now I just need to do 3 for the other side and I can wear the shirt like that while I tat up the estimated 26 repeats for the long back part of the collar.
I was SO excited that I sewed this section on already with some sewing thread by the picots! I'm thrilled!!!!!! My first tatted edging on my shirt!!! And it looks just dreamy on! I'm even thinking of adding teal sweetheart roses to the corner of the collar too! OH I'm so excited!


Sharon said...

The edging looks super and really sets off the collar. Are you going to do anything for the points of the collar?

Melissa said...

Thanks Sharon, so far I have no plans for the points but I may consider it though. It still looks nice even with negative space there though.