Thursday, July 19, 2007

Summer Breeze DYB RR Jo's block: Almost finished!

I've been having computer and camera troubles lately so I haven't been able to blog my progress as gradual as I usually do. Here's how the block is looking right now! I've done a ton! I don't know where to begin telling about it!
I tatted some clover edging that would be Motif #13 of the 25 Motif Challenge. I alternated pearls and metal heart beads on it and added a tiny bead cluster in that corner.
Near the cameo I added gold feather stitching on a seam with a gold button near, I still need something else in that area. I also added black buttonhole bow ties in DMC rayon thread with gold beads in the centers.
Around the cameo I embroidered cream sweetheart roses in 4mm silk ribbon and added size 15 gold seed beads around them. I also antiqued a lace applique and embroidered gold size 15 seed beads on it with some pearls. I added a triple feather stitch in black size 12 perle cotton thread. I made half buttonhole wheels in gold silk buttonhole twist and added 4mm darker cream sweetheart roses and 7mm cream ribbon stitches.
The upper right silk ribbon embroidery motif I made using a variegated pale pink/ecru/green 4mm silk ribbon for the spiderweb roses adding pearls to the centers. I used 7mm cream silk ribbon for the sweetheart roses. The gold pearl flower and dangles are earring parts I salvaged for crazy quilt stash. I feel that the motif needs a little something more so I'll be testing out some fly stitch foliage in the fine gold thread.
I need to add little touches here and there in order to complete this block, which I just love!!!


Jo in NZ said...

Melissa, you have done some beautiful work. I love the sweetheart roses around the cameo, the way the SRE follows the curve, all the little buttons and charms and extra bits to find. I also appreciate the time you have put into the seam treatments as I know thats not your favourite area...
Thank you.

Hideko Ishida 石田英子 said...

I love your victorian elegance in both colour and style. I am looking foward to seeing the completed one.