Thursday, July 19, 2007

Little bits of Tatting and Patterns

Motifs # 9-12 of the 25 Motif Challenge
I tatted up the basket pattern in size 20 DMC Cebelia thread, that Laurie W created even though she's a brand new needle tatter! I think she did an awesome job with it being that she's only been needle tatting for under a month!!! The basket is just perfect for using in crazy quilting to add flowers to! I adjusted only a few bits, and in order for the pattern to work for shuttle tatters I added in SLT in a few spots.

Here is the section I'm referring to:
"Do Not Reverse work.
Ch 2+2+ (draw needle through)
R 2+2+2+2+2+2+ Close (1 picot remaining)
Ball thread will cross the center ring so it closes snugly for last chain:
Ch 2+2 (draw needle through)"

I made it (1 shuttle and ball):
Ch 2+2+2 SLT
R 2+2+2+2+2+2 Close SLT (1 picot remaining)
Ch 2+2+2

Then I got inspired to try out making a heart with a clover leaf...what I did was chain and shuttle join around the clover, since it's so simple I'm sure someone has already done it somewhere, but for me it was fun creating my own thing! I think they look like leaves and might be good for adding to crazy quilt motifs too.

The pattern is:
Clover: R 3-3-3 cl DNR
R 3+(to last picot) 2-2-2-2-3 cl DNR
R 3+(to last picot) 3-3 cl. RW
Variation 1:
Ch 5+(to 1st p)5+(to 2nd p)7+(to 3rd p)5-5+(to5th p)7+(to 6th p)5+(to 7th p)5 join to base of clover
Variation 2:
Ch 10+(to 2nd p)7+(to3rd p)5-5+(to 5th p)7+(to 6th p)10 join to base of clover

I think a Josephine knot (1st half of ds only) chain for a stem would look nice too. I also thought about adding some picots to the chains and keep going around the motif to create bigger things. I am by no means a designer but I do think it's fun to play around and be creative.

Lastly I tatted up my favorite clover edging in the green variagated quilters thread that I just love and when I got to 8 I made it into a circular motif. I figured I could use it as a foundation for a silk ribbon embroidery motif in CQ.

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