Thursday, July 05, 2007

White on White CQ Block

I finally picked up my White on White block that I was working on for the Encrusted CQ online class I had taken late 2006. Well it got set aside for quite some time but I've finally come back to it! Here is a photo of where I left off. Here is a link to the previous blog posts for it.
Now that I have more experience under my belt I've had an easier time embellishing it. One of the things I've found out about myself is that I don't like waiting to add beads and buttons and such until the very throws me off. So I now embellish with them as I go, yes I have to be careful as I continue to embroider after that but for me it really works better and I rarely get caught or tangled. Crazy Quilting is really a wonderful thing since there are no rules you have to follow so you can do it however works best for you! Isn't that great?! We can try out other's methods, keep what we like, change what we don't! Each of us has our own method of Crazy Quilting much like our Crazy Quilts themselves, unique! So I'd like to take a moment to thank Sharon B. for helping teach me that lesson. She is always so encouraging for us to relax try our own way and reminds us that there are no rules, while teaching us design principles that will help us in the long run. I'm always using what I learned in her class, I really enjoyed it! If you ever get a chance to take the Encrusted CQ with her, you won't regret it!
Here's what the block looks like tonight! In the upper left I added 7mm cream sweetheart roses, and I just love them! Next I'll be adding beading to the Silk Ribbon Embroidery motif. Also I need to add a little something to the two open spots in the upper left.
I recently bought some vintage Mother of Pearl buttons on and I've used a lot of them in this button/bead cluster. You can click on the photo to get a closer look at them, I just love them. The carvings, the color, and even the buttonholes! I may add some seed beads to it too.
Then I added a few of the vintage MOP buttons to that small spot, I thought it looked nice and helped bring around the buttons more. I added some ivory glass leaf beads and some ivory silk flower heads.
This block is almost finished now! Yeay!

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Jo in NZ said...

Wonderful block Melissa.
I agree with you. I have to complete the seam of motif before I can move on, otherwise how would I know what to do next??