Saturday, July 21, 2007

Tatter's Meeting, Earwigs, and Split Ring Joins!

Today at the Palmetto Tatters Meeting we learned how to make Jane E's earwig earrings. I messed up the one I started at the meeting so tonight when I got home I sat down and figured things out! One thing I had to finagle was a join on the split side of a split ring...not sure exactly how I did it but I think I could repeat it! LOL I think it has something to do with considering the fact that the joined part needed to flip so the thread would be in the correct position so I tried again and wah-la! It worked! I was thrilled! The pattern is pretty tricky, but I got through it. I had a few tough spots and some scares with splitting thread even though I used Olympus thread. Since I don't wear earrings I decided to make it into a pendant. I can't seem to take a photo that does it justice though.
So this will be motif #13 of the 25 Motif Challenge


Jane Eborall said...

I'm SO pleased you managed the earwig!!! What a relief for me too!!!

Echo said...

Nathan has learned how to PULL on my hair so I took out all my earrings... and no necklaces - choking hazard to myself!!


That is BEAUTIFUL, I love it! I can def. say I've never seen anything like it!!