Sunday, July 22, 2007

Summer Breeze DYB RR Jo's Block: All Finished!

Late Friday night I finished the block! I loved working on this block and loved doing the elegant Victorian style! I got to try some new things that I've been wanting to try out too. Like it was my first time incorporating a cameo like this and some new stitches for seam treatments. I'd never done the buttonhole bows or half wheels before, and I don't think I've ever done the triple feather stitch on a block before also the fly stitch foliage! Another first was using some flat silk, and some rayon thread...both were difficult to work with! LOL
I added size 15 seed beads in amber to the outer buttonhole half wheel spokes and a clear brown to the triple feather stitching.
Here's the fly stitch foliage I added to the SRE motif. I used a fine gold Kreinik thread, I love how it sparkles and looks delicate. I think this photo shows the color of the silk ribbon well too. Ecru with a tinge of pink and green the name of it was called Light French Artichoke! LOL I had gotten it from Hand Dyed but it's been discontinued.
I added green size 15 seed beads to the picots on the chains of the tatting to bring the green around a bit more. I didn't want to add too much green to the block since it's primarily white/black/gold/cream but I did need to balance it a bit from the green vine. I felt if I added any more to the block it would be too much.
Also I added more of the fine gold feather stitching in the cream patch area and feel it works a lot better now.
Here's a nice shot of the cameo I love the way it turned out and the sweetheart roses around it look like a part of the cameo. I love the gold rose applique with beads and pearls on it too.

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Jo in NZ said...

You really went to town with the stitching LOL! I'm glad you tried some new things, and I am glad that you enjoyed it. You are a thoughtful and considerate stitcher Melissa, remembering about the cameo...I hope I remember mine when they get home (it's tucked away and tucked away things tend to stay like that). Good luck with the move.
Thankyou for the block.

Melissa said...

LOL I'll write a little reminder for you in the booklet thingy! LOL

Hideko Ishida 石田英子 said...

You have finished Jo's block in very beautiful style. It's suprising you have tried lots of stitches for the first time. But you are such a genuine stitcher, it must have been very easy. And I am sure the new tecniques will extend your horizen farther.

Clyde Page said...

Your blocks leave me breathless. So much creativity and talent is amazing. I think each one should be mounted in a frame and hung as a work of art. You are to be congratulated.