Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tatting Card

I got my first inquisitive onlooker yesterday which was really exciting! But I didn't have a card to give her to remind and refer to find out more about tatting...so I decided to create one!
Just to be safe I e-mailed the owners of the sites to ask permission to use them. I could only choose so many, it was hard but I felt that these sites could help and direct someone interested in tatting.
Oh and I scanned some of my tatting to use on the card! I just love the clover edging, and it's what I like to take with me in my purse to work on.
If you'd like to use this card you have my permission to save it to your computer and print it out to give away too. I print it onto professional quality business cards that I've bought at WalMart. They are 28877 Avery Templates Matte White Clean Edge Business Cards.

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***Jon**** said...

What a clever idea!