Monday, September 10, 2007

CQ Bedspread Block 1

Here is block #1! I'm on my way! This is a perfect example of the color scheme I've chosen.
Here is a little preview from my lace tryouts. I'm really loving how this is turning out! I'm excited and a little overwhelmed with the idea of 120 blocks, LOL, but I just need to take it 1 block at a time and I'll have fun!
The challenge with this bedspread will be embellishing in washable ways, it will be gentle cycle of coarse but I usually rely on a lot of Silk Ribbon Embroidery but I'll need to rely more on regular embroidery and lace with touches of beads and buttons. I'm looking forward to this adventure!

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coral-seas said...

Wow, Melissa. 120 blocks sounds like an enormous task but, my, it is going to be beautiful. The colour scheme is lovely and I know your embroidery will be georgous.
Every journey begins with the first step - every quilt begins with the first block.

Have a happy journey