Sunday, September 09, 2007

Precious Tatted Treasures

A while back I had posted about some tatting that I saved from becoming trash to be used as a treasure in my crazy quilting instead. Well Marie Smith and her granddaughter Violet saw that blog post and wanted to send me bits of tatting to use in my crazy quilting! Today I was thrilled to receive the package and it's precious contents! Look at this treasure of tatting! It's amazing! The white, cream, and ecru bits and edgings I'll will definitely be adding to my CQ bedspread! And the other bits will also find special spots too!
If anyone else wants to send me bits I will gladly accept them and treasure them! Just email me at honeybeesbliss at gmail dot com!
Just look at these elegant motifs and edgings! I just love that edging pattern and I'm going to look into that pattern to make myself!
And check out the wonderful tatted flower with the pearl center!
There is a cute little bunny, a bouquet of violets, a giraffe, a string of fans (that I can see as baskets for silk ribbon embroidered flowers), square motifs that I can see as frames, and a lovely 3D rose!
Cute little "heart" dimpled rings, a tat-person and bird tatted by Violet. (Thank you Violet) Marie tatted up (and improved) my very own heart/leaf pattern and added a stem! I love how she did the stem but I'm not sure how she did it! (Marie says it's a lock stitch chain)
I am just so excited to use these treasures in my crazy quilting!

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CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Melissa, How great for you to received such a lovely precious gift. The tatting is all sooo wonderful. I am sure you will be them all to good use. Hugs Judy PS. I have corrected some of the No Page Found error. I really think it is a blogspot server problem because I am even having the problem when I go to the site at work. Thanks again for all your help