Thursday, September 13, 2007

CQ Bedspread Block 3

Here is block 3 I pieced yesterday! I kind of don't like it as much because I feel the piecing is uneven with the small pieces to the lower left and larger pieces to the upper right, but at the same time I had been wanting to use that piece of gold lace like that for some time and felt this block was the one.
Here's my lace tryout, I felt this circular piece helps the balance of the block more as well as makes a nice frame for something special to be embroidered. It is also a piece that Marie tatted and sent to me!

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coral-seas said...

Hi Melissa, I like it off centre. Bear in mind that you are going to do 120 of these, I think you need some variety in blocks, it will add drama and movement to the quilt.

And Happy Anniversary, that is such a lovely pic of you both