Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Summer Breeze DYB RR: Bonnie's blocks

I started working on Bonnie's blocks today and the colors are very spicy to me even with the pinks. Since she pieced her block with a 4 sided bit at the center it made a more diamond shape in the block. At first I was going to do all seam treatments but when looking at the block I felt it would end up too square so instead I focused on the diamond in the center and really bringing it out. To me the block is looking like the trendy elegance style, like you see around at Target and such. Bonnie loves dragonflies so I made sure to add those in as a seam treatment. I'm considering adding a running stitch flight path weaving in between them in a fine metallic thread. I'm also planning 2 SRE motifs on both sides of the diamond, one a larger trailing and the other a smaller complimentary design. I'm also considering adding half buttonhole wheels to the right pink and tan seam.

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