Monday, September 24, 2007

Summer Breeze DYB RR: Bonnie's block finished

Here is Bonnie's block all finished! I love it so much! There were moments when I wasn't sure if my SRE motifs were going to turn out nice, and then they just came together! I made them more of an open airy feeling, rather than really tightly done. I felt that made them more on the dainty side since Bonnie loves dainty! The last section to be filled in was the lower right and I felt a seam treatment would have just led the eye right off the block and in a direction that was the opposite from where it should go. SO my solution was to make a light airy motif using the same thread from the left and made feather stitch sprays pointing back towards the block with seed beads to echo the pearls from the left as well. The single sweetheart rose and 3 colonial knots I felt acted as a stopping point so the eye didn't go off the edge but stop there and go back along the feather stitching.
I have a cute story to tell about my friend Wendy's daughter Bekah. I took the block with me to church (I had it in a plastic baggie for protection) to show Wendy before I send it off and she was holding Bekah who is 3 years old. Bekah is a gardening princess and loves to play outside in the garden in a dress up princess dress. Well as I was showing Wendy the block, Bekah was ooo-ing over the block too and suddenly pointed to the center and said "diamond"! I was so surprised! WOW 3yrs and knows a diamond! Then she saw the flowers and said "ooo flowers" then saw the dragonflies and said "BUGS!" after that she noticed the pearls too. It was so sweet! And from Bekah's reaction I knew I had succeeded with the design plan I had! #1 was the diamond as focal, #2 was SRE motifs, #3 points of interest with bugs, pearls and beads.

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Kelly said...

Hi Melissa, I'm stopping in to say how much I enjoy your blog. You have made me very curious to start trying Ribbon Embroidery and Crazy Quilting. I have done regular pieced and appliqué quilting, as well as cross-stitch, crewel work, and floss embroidery. Ribbon Embroidery and Crazy Quilts always looked like too much work. Also I have a link to your blog from my Tatting Blog, and so this note is also my asking your permission for the link. Please let me know if you wish me to remove your link and I will respect your wishes. If I do not hear from you I will assume it is okay to keep the link. Thank you, and keep up the lovely and inspirational work.