Saturday, January 15, 2011

Flower Pin/Hairclip: Correna

 This year for my girl's birthdays in Small Group (Church Youth Group) I'm making flowers as pins or hair clips.  This flower is for Correna and it's totally HER!  Most of my girls adore the funky styles so I've bought a lot of funky print fabrics.  I've also started making the flowers a little differently than before, but I'll have to save the explanation for another post with photos of the steps.  I've simplified the process a ton, which makes them easier to put together and faster to make.
On the back I sew a little strip down slip the clip in with a touch of glue to keep it in place and then glued on a pin back with a bit of fabric over it too. Dual Use!
The flower is 4in x 4in pretty big!

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