Sunday, January 16, 2011

Flowers and Hearts Block: More Details

 I needed a little something in this spot so I added a mother-of-pearl heart with purple delica's around it and purple flower sequins to top it off!
I also added a little honeybee charm to remind her of me!  I stitched a running stitch flight path in a metallic thread.  I also added another feather coming out toward the bee even though it covered a bit of rose print.  I don't like covering pretty prints unless I really have to and there was no way around it.
I also used a pink metallic thread and added highlights to the rose print around the dragonfly.
I added a silk ribbon bow to the silkie and some tiny size 15 seed beads one for her earring and one on her necklace the chain of which I used a metallic thread.  I also stitched in the bouquet in sweetheart roses and colonial knots in silk ribbon embroidery and added a touch of white french knots too.
I also added some silk ribbon embroidery at the base of the silkie creating more sweetheart roses and knots along with added tiny green seed beads and a fire-polished heart bead.
I still feel the block needs more but I'm not sure just what that is yet.  I've been letting it sit on the back-burner of my brain for a few days so hopefully it will come to me when the time is right.  Just like putting together a puzzle sometimes you leave and come back and BAM you find the exact piece that was missing that you searched for previously! LOL


riona said...

Your work is lovely and so softly feminine in style. I recently took an on-line course called An Encrusted Crazy Quilt Square and have been working at it intermitently for the same reason you stated ... leaving it one the back burner for a while lets me approach it with fresh eyes and refreshed inspiration each time I return to it. I am currently trying to master the boullion stitch so that I can add roses to the piece.

Having tried my own hand at this sort of thing, I can appreciate your artistry all the more.

Gina said...

I really really like this! I agree it needs a touch more but only a touch. It will be something unifying, that brings it all together and polishes it off. I find a lot of CQ tends to overdo with embellishment to the point that it's nearly impossible to appreciate all the beauty of each element as it obliterates itself, if that makes sense. There is a nice balance here.