Monday, January 24, 2011

Tea Party Piece Brewing!

 I have a Tea Party themed piece brewing!!!  It's been in my brain for a long time to do a tea party themed piece and I feel that now is the right time to get it going!  I've started collecting some things with it in mind.  I've had the 2 tea themed fabrics that you see at in the top of the photos for a few years now and have used them in a couple of projects.  One was a tea cozy for a friend which I ADORE it was so amazing!  And the other I used in a little block that is now hanging framed in my guest bathroom!
I saw the fabric with all the tea cups and had to have a piece of it!  I thought they would make great appliques!  Then recently I was looking through fabrics and that sweet rose print stood out and I just KNEW that was going to be my inspiration fabric.  Shades of Pinks, Greens and a touch of yellow and cream I think will be my color theme!  Now I still need to gather fabrics to possibly use in piecing and begin!  We will see how things turn out as I piece.
I decided I want a large piece put together in 9 blocks. Each block will be 6 inches to create an 18x18 finished piece which will be framed.
I'd also love to get this Tea Pots 2 to Applique book and applique a tea pot etc. on the piece!
 I've also had Tea Parties!  And I collect Antique China which the patterns inspire me!


shawkl said...

Melissa, those fabrics are gorgeous! And I know your tea party project will be delightful, can't wait to see it.

I finished a tea block challenge a few weeks ago for the HGTV Message Board swap...and have photos on my blog if you need extra inspiration.
We used your teacup fabric in each block.

Big Hugs!


Cathy K said...

Hi Melissa! Well, you know I will be watching to see how this develops! Seeing the fabrics you have selected, I know you must have recognized several of them in my Tea Time wall-hanging (that was just auctioned off on Ebay). Have fun, dearie! Hugs, Cathy

Bluebell said...

Hello Melissa, I am a newcomer to crazy quilting and I just found your blog, I will visit a lot, I love the teacups.