Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Flowers and Hearts Block: Finishing Touches

 I finally completed the finishing touches!!! YAY!  What I did was add more purple details!
 I added a purple beaded flower near the dragonfly which is made of bugle beads and one seed bead.  I also added colonial knots inside the tatted rings in a purple buttonhole twist silk thread.
 Using the same purple buttonhole twist silk thread I stitched scallops in stem stitch and added purple silk ribbon sweetheart roses and colonial knots.
I also added some stars using the same purple buttonhole twist silk thread and the same purple silk ribbon colonial knots to the centers that also repeats the feel of the beaded flower in the opposite corner.


bubbygigi said...

The dyed applique pieces are beautiful. Did you do them yourself or did you buy them that way? The block is truly charming.

Melissa said...

Thank you! I dyed them myself using Ribbonsmyth's rainbow dyes!

Suztats said...

Thr block is gorgeous! I love the touches of purple.