Friday, January 07, 2011

Flowers and Hearts Swap: Kathy's Block

I'm doing a private 8 inch block exchange with Kathy, the theme is Flowers and Hearts! I sent her This Block and she sent me this one...(which I forgot to take a photo of it blank)
Click on any of the photos to see them larger.
The block is made up of a lot of prints that compete with each other and that was a bit of a challenge for me when trying to start! With competing prints you have to find a way for them to go into the background a bit more without them being too hidden or them swallowing up the stitching. Also the few more solid fabrics stood out too much and they needed to blend into the block more.
In this first photo you can see I added some lace that I hand dyed and sewed to the top right corner. In the lower left corner I added some tatting that I had created with a veriageted pink thread. I sewed the tatting on and added some purple beads to alternating rings down the middle.
I also added a dragonfly lace applique that I hand dyed as well to the upper left, filling in the gap in the print there.
I also needed a focal point for the block so I added a silkie of a girl with flowers with more lace I hand dyed
I added around the silkie some vintage purple flower trim and a piece of white feather.
I've also added some more of my tatting that was made using a purple variegated thread to the silkie as well as another feather on the other side. I also added some little flowers to the hand dyed lace applique.
I also added some of the purple variegated tatting to the seam under the dragonfly. I sewed on some white lace in the lower right and purple lace in the lower left.
I feather stitched in some green holographic thread in the dragonfly's wings. I wish the camera captured the sparkle of the thread better.
I added the same little flowers to the other alternating rings of the pink tatting.
Atop the white lace in the lower right I added a white feather with a green gem on top then added a piece of jewelery component that looked like a bow with two gold bugle beads to act as the tails of the bow.
I also added some little pink fire-polished glass hearts down one seam that I'm not sure I'm finished with yet. I also added some purple flower sequins with a darker purple seed bead to the other seam to the right.
I'm not finished with this block yet but this is my progress so far...more to come!


Wendy said...

Wow!!!! I totally see it!!! As I was reading and you said to make the prints become background I was a little puzzled. "How is she going to get such loud prints become background?" Well, You have done exactly that!!! And, at the same time, allowing them to shine through as well!!! You are definitely a genius when it comes to an eye for these things!!! I can't wait to see it finished!!!

shawkl said...

Oh Melissa, it's coming along so well! I loved all of those prints, they were so shabby chic and roses are my very favorite flower! The silkie and all the laces really make the fabrics stand out! Can't wait to see what you do next!