Thursday, January 17, 2013

CQJP 2013: Sandwiches and Cookies

Here are some goodies I created!  I love it when I get idea after idea.  Sometimes I get a little lull but then another idea comes and I'm off again!

The cucumber sandwiches I made using felt with a top layer of lace to give it texture.  Between the bread I put some green fleece that is in a heart shape but with the bottom point rounded so all points look like little cucumbers sticking out of the sandwich.
I tucked napkins under each sandwich.
The heart beads looked like cookies to me, so I added them between the sandwiches.

The cylindrical cookies are inspired by "Pirouettes" which are a rolled wafer cookie.  To create them I used a brown felt rectangle and rolled a piece of vintage cream lace around it.

This block looks like it's nearing completion!!! YAY!  It's been so fun to think up all these little treats and to see them added to the block.


shawkl said...

Yum! It's rainy here today...and now, I think I'll go brew up a nice cup of hot tea and add some Pirouettes! Loving your block!

Suztats said...

What time is tea time?
Your block looks a treat, and some wonderful ideas creating the goodies!

margaret said...

think I will have to come and enjoy your tea party, looks delicious