Wednesday, January 09, 2013

CQJP 2013: Slow Progress

Here's a quick photo from my phone. I am slowly working on the teapot applique. My hands don't like doing it for long, and it's really fiddly. I don't know what I could do to make it easier. I guess working in little bits is the way to go.
Also I am not sure if I should cut out the spaces in the lid handle and pot handle or leave them. The space of each handle is so small that I didn't think it would be practical.


Marjolein said...

I think it is much nicer if you cut them out, but yes, especially the lid handle is very small.

margaret said...

this is a work of art, a beautiful tea pot

Terri said...

Another lovely tea themed post! I can see why you would want to limit the amount to applique! That is finicky. But it really does look lovely! Such a sweet tea pot!