Tuesday, January 01, 2013


  •  CQJP 2013 (Crazy Quilt Journal Project):  Create a Six Inch Crazy Quilt Block a Month
This project will be posted at HoneyBeesBliss I will post my progress as I work on each one there.  I resolved on a Tea Theme, and that the blocks will become pages in a book.
This one was born from seeing a beautiful Christmas Tree FULL of tatting!  So I resolved to tat at least one snowflake a month for the next year giving me at least 12 additional snowflakes to the 12 I currently have.  This should give me a tree pretty full of tatting!  I have found lots of tatting patterns from bigger ones to small ones and everything in between.  I will tat whichever I may so desire that month!  I will post it on HoneyBeesBliss as well.
This project is very flexible and not strict.  I love photography so I will be using different methods to capture a photo each day.  Some days I may simply use my phone or tablet, and on other days I will use my DSLR.  I may use the idea list, or just simply capture something that catches my fancy for that day.  It's pretty anything goes.  Today's is "Resolve" hence this post!  I will be posting the daily photos at HoneyBeesFancy, which is a Journal Blog for anything I fancy to post about, also on HoneyBeesPhotos, which is mainly for showing all my photos in one place, and only posting a few Sweet Shots or Favorite Things on HoneyBeesBliss. which is a Creating Blog for all my various projects.

We had fun ringing in 2013!

 LOL With all this Resolve I will accomplish quite a bit this year!  I have a feeling 2013 is going to be a very good year for me.  YAY!

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Marjolein said...

It seems you really feel like creating.
Happy New Year!