Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Snowflake Mess-Up

Well I had a tatting catastrophe! LOL
When I reached the last repeat I found that something had gone wrong somewhere...I look back and find it, a missed joined picot...I skipped one and it was so far back I didn't want to cut out all my work.  SO, when mess-ups occur I just make lemonade out of lemons!  I simply joined it to the beginning and will add it to my lace motifs stash as either a leaf or a flower.  When the time comes I can either add it to a project as is or use some dye on it and either use greens to make it more leafy or use flower colors.  I didn't have enough thread to start over without emptying my shuttle first so I tatted a doodle flower which is just 7 rings joined together.  This will be added to my small lace motif stash.

I'm tatting up this 2nd bonus snowflake again, since I really love the added Josephine Knots to the design!
You would think I'd have learned my lesson about not having distractions while I tat, but it was too tempting to watch the Winter X Games...but those Big Air tricks from all the snowboarders and skiers are just so cool with their Switch Backside Triple Cork and Harlaut's Gold winning perfect score!!!  Also history was made in women's Halfpipe with Elena Hight's double backside alley-oop rodeo! LOL  I'm not a big sports fan, but since I love watching the Olympics I love to watch the neat sports and the Winter X Games has so many cool ones!  It's impressive!  You can see why I got distracted and missed a picot!!! LOL

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