Saturday, January 26, 2013

Operation Snowflake: Bonus Snowflake for January

I still felt like tatting so I decided to do a bonus snowflake!  This snowflake pattern is from a blogger from Hungary!  It's cool that we can just push a "translate" button and read a blog in another language!!!  Also since diagrams have no language it's fun to be able to tat a pattern by someone from another country!  It's pretty easy to figure out since it's so small.  I choose to tat it in a way that could I climb out from the center ring with a split ring instead of having to cut and hide ends etc.  The only other thing about this pattern is that it switches shuttles.  So for part you are tatting in the normal fashion and then at the point where the chains look inward instead of outward you simply switch shuttles and continue until you get back to the next inner ring and switch shuttle back and so on.  It's a tiny bit fiddly because the stitch counts are so small, but it's so cute!
I just had a thought...Josephine Knots might look good thrown from the rounded chains! It would be easy to add instead of a chain of 12 just work 6ds a Josephine Knot and then another 6ds!

I made a huge mistake and didn't realize it until I was way past fixing it...hmm...sounds like a reoccurring problem I've been having lately!!!  I can't seem to tat with anything distracting, I have to give it my full attention!  LOL  Anyway I made one of the inner rings wrong skipping 2ds and a Picot which were supposed to be there for joining the next ring and didn't realize it till I got to the next ring needing to join there!!!  AHHH!!!!!  I didn't want to cut, and I didn't want to start over so I simply joined to the ring itself and pulled tight so it snugged really close to look like a regular join and then continued on.  It seems hardly noticeable!  So I'm happy with that "fix".  At least I didn't have to cut and such and didn't have to start over so I say all's well that ends well!!! LOL  I'm wondering if every snowflake is going to have some sort of huge mistake in it!!! LOL  I need to just tat in peace and quiet, give attention to detail and check twice, close once!

On the good news side is my lace finger guards work really well, no more sore skin from the thread!  And I really love the feel of shuttle tatting, it's so fun to work the double stitch, the motion is just so cool all smooth.  Especially when you think back and remember what a hard time you had when first learning to get the stitches to move into place, how you had to concentrate to move your fingers to do it all right, and now it's so easy and natural.  I really love using the small clover shuttles they just fit in my hands so nice and I don't get snagged as often as I move them and I always love the convenience of the pick tips!  They really help me keep the nice smooth flow of work that I enjoy!  Yup, I just really love it!  Especially so, now that my fingers don't get hurt from the thread!!!

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margaret said...

you have found another very pretty snowflake