Saturday, January 12, 2013

CQJP 2013: Teapot Applique

Finally I finished the outer edges...and I thought I was done and then I realized...yup I need to do the inside of the handle too.  So now I'll work on that.  I'm dreaming of seams of little tea cakes...I want to get on to that part!!! LOL  I also am going to take some brown thread and stitch around the edges...they aren't pretty so that will help them look nice and it look like the lines used to draw the teapot in the print too.

All this trouble has made me realize I can't tolerate doing tons of applique and I'm looking into other ways to attach them to my future blocks rather then the torturous tedious tiny applique of these prints I want!  LOL  So I'm looking into some double sided interfacing that I can iron onto the back of the print, then cut it out, have no fraying, and then iron them into place.  And now I totally understand why this stuff was invented!!!  LOL  Ya know even having interfacing on the back of the applique that you are going to sew down would help with the fraying ends of the fabric that you have to tuck under would be amazing!

But for now I don't want to tuck any more edges under...  One more tiny part to go...I can do it...ok...heh...ugg...meh...(Hows that for melodramatic?) I go...LOL  If I finish it off tonight, tomorrow I can work on the fun stuff!  LOL  I have to bribe myself!  LOL

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margaret said...

your teapot is wonderful, re bonding without stitching, here in England it is called bondaweb, works a treat, not sure about how much washing it will take, best of luck and look forward to seeing the progress of your blocks.