Sunday, February 24, 2013

CQJP 2013: Feb. Block Finished Into A Page

As you can see I turned the block into an applique like the last one and also made a backside out of tea themed fabric.  Then I added a ton of lace and such in between the 2 sides and stitched it together.  I placed all the lace and then pinned to the back of the backside and sewed along the edge with the sewing machine to keep it all in place.

 I used the Ladder Stitch along the edges to sandwich them closed nicely so that no stitching would be seen on the top side.
 I added bits from a crochet doily I had bought and saved just for this purpose and it found it's perfect home!  On the back I also took one of the Roses and a Leaf from the Doily and stitched it down on the corner.
 Here you can see the Rose and Leaf Doily edge as well as the Variegated Pink Doily too.

I also added in a Battenburg Lace Leaf, and a dyed lace motif.

 Here you can see the two pages (Jan. and Feb.) side by side, I think they flow together well!

And here you can see the Jan. page on top and how the edge lace plays together when they are closed.
And this photo is of the back of the Feb. page closed against Jan.'s page.

I'm loving it!!!  This is exactly what I was hoping for!

My next idea is to do blocks that are representative of Guests, and go in different color themes and styles along with a Tea Cup.  I'm a little worried about that idea if the colors will flow as a story.  I can always make 2 or more books, after all 12 pages is an awful lot for the thickness of these to be in one book.  Maybe I will have a pink themed book that is more the Hostess's Side and a 2nd book with the Guests...a Crazy Quilt Tea Party Saga! HAHAHA  That's a funny idea, but I kinda like it!  Who doesn't love a good Saga!  LOL  For the Hostess Book I could have a Cream and Sugar Page, a Tea Accessory Page, a Cupcake Page...and I already have a color themed Guest Page already gathered...I think I might work on that one for March, it's all in more sepia aged tones with a touch of black/brown, very antique feeling.  Which is VERY different than these two bright pink pages!!! LOL  Well I'm happy that I can go with my whims and follow them and wander around.  It's more fun that way too!  To be outside of the box!  Sometimes you just have to break out, march to the beat of your own drum!  I've always wanted to make blocks of different color themes and styles so I'm really excited about it!  YAY!


Annette said...

In love love this book and on cq loved it. Annette from Texas xoxoxox

Annette said...
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Annette said...

Hello and sorry I deleted the other post I did it was a copy of the other one. Not that it doesn't deserve a double post. My friend Denise and I love your work. xoxoxo

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

This is going to be one gorgeous book.

Julie said...

It is truely beautiful. Made with love, for sure!