Friday, February 01, 2013

CQJP 2013: Block 2

Here is my latest block!  And my browsing of Pinterest has inspired me to do some luscious Ribbonwork and SRE!  Every teaparty needs a floral centerpiece so that is the inspiration for this block.

Knowing I wanted to do this as I pieced the block, I used more floral and gardeny fabrics and a print of a teacup with flowers.  I put interfacing on one side to prevent fraying and make it easier to applique this time and I folded the edges and ironed so it will be easier too.  I'm actually only going to do the edges of the cup.  The edges around the flowers are going to be left raw because I'll be using the print as a kind of pattern for SRE and Ribbonwork.

I also got some other ideas for future blocks.  I might make each a different color and style that comes out of the fabrics and teacup used so that each is unique like the guests at a tea party.  If each block represents a guest, I can add jewelery they would wear into the mix etc.  After all isn't part of the fun of a Tea Party the dressing up for a Tea Party?  Also I think doing that would draw in the onlookers into the book and whichever is their favorite can inspire daydreams of them wearing such things to the party.  Imagination!

I hereby cordially invite you all to my Tea Party in the land of Daydream and Imagination, you are welcome anytime 24/7 and to stay as long as you wish!  Where your favorite tea is always ready just for you!  And all the endless delicious desserts and finger foods are zero calories!  Enjoy!  LOL ;-)

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margaret said...

how I am going to enjoy your tea party, I will be popping in for tea on a regular basis. The block is looking great and you are brimming over with wonderful ideas