Thursday, February 28, 2013

Operation Snowflake: More Bonus Snowflakes for February

I needed to empty my shuttles so I can fully load them for a larger snowflake so I tatted these up. I had just barely enough thread to finish the smaller one!

The larger one is Sally Magill's SCMR Snowflake 2 which was actually the first time I've used the Self-Closing-Mock-Ring technique.  The SCMR is actually a chain that you hold a loop back at the beginning of it to pass the shuttle through so you can close it to look like a ring.  I thought I understood how it worked and I started tatting it up and then I realized too late that I had used the wrong shuttle to start the SCMR and found myself with an un-closeable I had to scrap that bit and start over.  I went and grabbed my book from the Shuttle Brother's and looked more closely at the diagram and found out what happened.  Once I fully understood what went wrong, I was off and tatting the SCMR's no problem and it's really very easy.  Though this pattern with all the little tiny rings was hard on my finger where I pinch to close rings.  It's such a cute snowflake though, I really love the fluffy arm tips and if you don't know about the SCMR it looks pretty impossible since you can't throw rings off of a ring! LOL

After that one I still had a tiny bit of thread left, but just enough not to want to just throw it away so I tatted this little one called Elmo's Snowflake.  I had just barely enough though and had to finger tat the last repeat.

So now my total snowflake count is 19!  I've got 7 snowflakes finished in just 2 months, I'm not sure I'll always be keeping up this kind of tatting veracity but hey I figure why not, maybe I'll continue to snowball snowflakes and have way more than I planned for.  That would be awesome!  It seems the more I tat the more I want to tat even more!  LOL  I'm starting to need a place to hang them all, I need to hash out an idea soon.

Now to load my shuttles and start on the large snowflake for March.  I'm planning on tatting this snowflake from Be-stitched!


margaret said...

your tatted snowflakes are all very pretty

margaret said...

wow you have lots of lovely things here to use and can`t wait to see how you transform them